Decoration with
Heritage in Design

The importance of family and heritage is fundamental to the story of who we are today.
In addition to the unquestionable emotive value, there is also a commercial value in incorporating Irish heritage, into a space. ‘Through the enhancement of authenticity perception and the heritage-based value; a positive effect is had on the firm’s financial value. The study results justify monetary costs incurred in the course of developing and cultivating a brand’s heritage association.’ From an article by Wonsun Paek, Hyerin Ryu, & Sunkyu Jun published in the Journal of Product & Brand Management 2021.

Walls are blank canvases just waiting to influence the user experience. Large images and illustrations can evoke creativity or calmness depending on what mood you want to nurture. Incorporating the social and design concept of Hygge into a space considers how the built environment impacts one’s sense of well-being and one’s ability to partake in moments of rest and rejuvenation. The collaboration between architects and our design team allows the creative freedom to design a space where the spirit of Irish heritage and landscape can create a lasting first impression and an inspirational place to enjoy.
Interior Designers
The involvement of big names from the world of fashion, such as Vivienne Westwood and Ralph Lauren, has helped to make wallpaper the essential background for a 21st-century lifestyle. The fashion for feature walls has encouraged a taste for larger, more assertive graphics while the development of digital printing has enabled artists, freelance designers, architects and interior designers to get directly involved in the creative process. Interior designers have relied on wallpaper to add color, texture, and style to spaces throughout the years. However, there are times when designers need to be able to create more unique patterns and murals. Wallpapers of Ireland digitally printed wall covering is the ultimate décor solution as it gives you versatility in both appearance and performance while weaving through a unique Irish storytelling experience.

The value of telling your story.

Your business is far more than your name or logo. It represents who you are, what you believe in and how you want to be perceived by your customers.

Studies have found that humans are designed for stories. They lead to a better understanding, trust, comprehension, receptivity, and more. A story engages both the brain and the body, eliciting emotional responses which people are more strongly attracted to. It is this storytelling process that we in Wallpapers of Ireland weave together for you starting with the question ‘What’s your story’.
Collaborate with us to tell your unique brand story as a printed wallpaper for your business that touches on your history, your mission, your values, your dedication to clients and your passions within your community.

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